Plastic and waste reduction

The Ashurst and Colbury Community Group have been given a grant by Hampshire County Council to carry out a programme of reducing the use of single-use plastic, and waste in general, in Ashurst. [A copy of the application is below]. The  grant has been given to the Community Group but we envisage the whole community being involved.  We plan to persuade residents to use less plastic in their day to day lives. We intend to get shopping bags made to use in place of supermarket bags and ask businesses reduce their use of plastic. We have already been in contact with Foxhills school and they are excited about involving the children on the project. We will have a lot of information in our pitch at the Ashurst Fete in September. We intend to have a launching occasion in the autumn. Details of this will be added here as well as on the blog on the home page. A&CCG GRANT APPLICATION for plastic free village MSxA&CCG GRANT APPLICATION for plastic free village: email response to query MSxA&CCG Grant HCC REDUCED COPY MSx