Minutes 7th February 2017

Minutes of meeting held at Longdown Activity Farm on Tuesday 7th February 2017

Present: Alister Hutchin [Chairman] Alfred and Jackie Baker, Richard Barnett, Patricia Bascombe, Helen Creighton, Susan Hutchin, Arthur Jeffery, Alan Noble, Bryan Pass, Diane Swain, David White and Malcolm Winch.
1. Apologies None
2. The minutes of the last meeting were approved with one amendment that Jackie Baker was present.
Matters arising:
Welcome Pack: There was a discussion on the format of the welcome pack.Bryan thought we should have it done professionally. Richard thought we could manage it ourselves and that it should be simple information with web links and not interactive. It should include some words of welcome to new arrivals in the village. It was agreed to set up a sub-committee consisting of Bryan, Alister, Richard and Sue to take this forward. It was requested that committee members should send in ideas of what should be included.
Speed Watch: David said that we had put an article on speed watch in the PC Magazine and the website. He had had a productive meeting with PCSO Richard Williams and other villagers. Seven volunteers had come forward. Lyndhurst PC would be approached to ask if they would agree to sharing their equipment with us.
Railway station celebrations: Arthur said this was progressing. He hoped that Dan Snow as local historian might agree to come. Ocean Harmony would be giving two performances of appropriate songs. Arthur outlined the provisional programme and said that he was arranging a meeting with the manageress of The New Forest and the A&CCG sub-committee to discuss further details.The following volunteered to be on the sub-committee: Alister, Alfred and Jackie, Arthur, Helen and David. Jackie’s aunt had a collection of vintage costumes and Jackie will ask her whether she would be willing to lend them. Malcolm has a contact who works on the Watercress line. He will approach him to see if we can borrow any railway items. Arthur hoped that we could borrow photographs of the station from the PC history project to mount a display. Publicity would be put in the April edition of the PC Magazine.
Apple Day: Dates were suggested and Malcolm would check to see if the church rooms were available.
Cycle Ashurst: Dates and details are now on the website.

3. Litter Pick: This would be on March 4th. This is the same weekend as Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean 2017 which the NFDC is supporting. Mandy Pickard from the NFDC had already agreed to lend us equipment and to deliver and collect bags. Sue and Alister would organise the pick and relevant publicity.

4. A&C Outreach Group: Tricia reported there would be 3 tea parties this year in March, June and November . Outings had also been planned. Bryan had very kindly offered tickets to visit Longdown Farm. He would greet the guests and tell them about the farm and take them on a tour. He was keen that Longdown Farm should be a community farm. It was also planned that invitations to come to Apple Day and the PC carols evening should be offered to the group. Transport would be offered.


5. AOB:
Ashurst Walks. Arthur said that the programme was on the website and that there had been a good turnout so far this year.
Finances: Helen was asked about the finances on Apple Day. She said that she had just received £60 for the presses and she thought we would have broken even.

6. Dates of future meetings: April 4th, May 9th[AGM], July 4th, September 5th and November 7th.