A & C Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was launched in March 2008 at Colbury Memorial Hall, and subsequently printed copies were delivered to households within the Parish.

The intention was that the actions might continue for up to 10 years.

Here are the parts which make up the Ashurst and Colbury Parish Plan, including the Action Plan : –


A & C Parish_Plan_Village_Profile

A & C Parish_Plan_Village_History

A & C Parish_Plan_Development-process

A & C Parish_Plan_Qu-results-analysis-comment

A & C Parish_Plan_Action-Plan

The A & C Community Group formed following the publication of the Parish Plan, with a constitution which reflected taking forward some actions from the Action Plan.

The Action Plan was updated.

A&C ACTION PLAN updated 2009

A&C ACTION PLAN updated 2010 whole


As you may be able to see, the A&C Community Group and the A&C Parish Council are continuing to make progress on many of the actions over time.