Ashurst Walks



The Ashurst Walking Group is very pleased to say that we will be resuming our programme of walks from September. The group runs walks in the local area twice a month, one on a Saturday and one during the week. The walks usually last around two and a half hours and cover between four and five miles – never over any strenuous terrain – there isn’t much in the New Forest! We start the walks in well chosen car parks normally within 30 minutes drive or less from Ashurst. The routes are chosen with a view to the seasons with perhaps a view of daffodils or bluebells in the Spring and deer rutting in the Autumn.

If you have any questions about the walks you can email 


2 thoughts on “Ashurst Walks

    • Our co-ordinator usually emails out a reminder of details just a little in advance of each walk. I’ll send your email on to them. But perhaps you can also read the list above to see the dates in advance? (Click the links.)


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