Apple Presses

Our presses are now available to book!

BigPress20litrepress12LitrePressThe 3 Village Apple presses
are available to hire.

The online booking link
is on this page
please look at the different kit sizes
before clicking the link.

Following two very successful ‘Apple Days’ and with funding from the New Forest National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund, ACCG acquired some apple picking and pressing kit.  This is available for hire from the group for anyone in the vicinity of Ashurst contemplating making juice from their own apples.

Arrange your date and equipment – subject to the terms and conditions, which must be agreed before loaning. Villagers in Ashurst and Colbury may loan for free!  But you will need to arrange pick-up and return of the equipment

The Equipment – the pressing equipment is available in three kits.

36 Litre Apple Press Kit 1 – The Big Press and Large Scratter
The Big Press kit comprises a 36-litre crossbeam apple press and a large scratter.
A scratter is an apple crusher. Winding the handle turns spiked rollers which break the fruit up into small pieces ready for squeezing. This one is designed to sit on top of the press so that you can crush your apples directly into it. (However, Pat Longland made us a couple of saw benches for the scratter, so it can be set up separately. But you need a van or similar if you want to take everything in one go!) You then swing the cross-beam of the press into place and squeeze out the juice (taking care to catch it in a suitable receptacle!)

20 Litre Apple Press Kit 2 – The Medium-Sized Press and Scratter
The Medium Press kit comprises a 20-litre crossbeam apple press and a matching scratter .
The principles are the same as above, only the size is different. (The capacity results in something like 7.5 litres of juice per pressing of 18kg of fruit.)

12 Litre Apple Press Kit 3 – The Small Press and Scratter
The Small Press kit comprises a 12-litre crossbeam apple press and a small scratter.
The same as above, only smaller (and so more portable than the others!) A capacity for around 11kg of apples, resulting in about 4.5 litres of juice.

Borrowing the Kit
We now have an on-line booking system. Click here to book online – a kit of your choice

Additional Information:-
– The typical hire period is 2 or 3 days (longer periods block other users!)
– The pro forma risk assessment – Risk_Assessment_for_Use_of_ACCG_Apple_Pressing_Equipment_120809


4 thoughts on “Apple Presses

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  4. Hi
    I had a chat over the phone to Malcolm Winch and we organised times for us to pick up and drop off the apple press. I said I would enter this into the online booking but unfortunately it won’t take my booking. I’ll carry on with the dates arranged anyway

    All the best

    Caroline Rackham


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