A&CCG Meetings

The A&CCG Committee meetings take place every two months.

THE AGM OF THE COMMUNITY GROUP will take place on TUESDAY MAY 1st 2018
at 7.30pm at The Longdown Activity Farm. There will be a local speaker and a report from Neighbourhood Watch which will be followed by the AGM. Any local resident wishing to stand for election to the committee should phone 80292925 A&CCG AGM minutes 2017 9th May MSx

A&CCG AGM agenda 2018 MSx


A&CCG minutes 2017 1. 7th February MS
A&CCG minutes 2017 2. 4th April Ms
A&CCG minutes 2017 3. 9th May Ms
A&CCG Minutes 2017 4. July 4th ms
A&CCG minutes 2017 5. 5th September ms
A&CCG Minutes 2017 6. 7th November MS

A&CCG minutes 2015 1. Feb 3rd
A&CCG minutes 2015 2. July 7th

Current Members:
Alister Hutchin [Chairman], Susan Hutchin [Secretary], Helen Creighton [Treasurer],
Alfred Baker, Jackie Baker,  Patricia Bascombe, Arthur Jeffery, Bryan Pass, Diane Swain, Clive White, David White, Malcolm Winch.

The constitution for the A&CCG is HERE : A&CCG CONSTITUTION REVISED April 2015 (in pdf form).