Apple Day 2017 organised by the ACCG

Apple Day was a great success. All three presses were in use all day which was good to see. Many committee members worked hard all day to keep them running while the others in the kitchen were  busy serving lunches, teas and cakes; so a big thank you to all them. In the main hall Jackie was busy with her art for children which was very  popular and lots of children left proudly with their pictures. There were also games and quizzes. What a day!
The visiting owl and hedgehog from the New Forest Wildlife Park were a great attraction and the Romsey Ukulele Band gave a stirring performance. The money the band raises goes to local charities.

Here are the results of the various quizzes: The apple names story should read:

In the days of the British EMPIRE an annual GALA was held at BLENHEIM palace.
All the great and the good came and it was rumoured that on one occasion PRINCE ALBERT had come in disguise, [though the MONARCH was nowhere to be seen]. He was spotted by a maid called KATY who had a habit of hiding behind doors. In fact it was she who made the DISCOVERY that publicised the most famous scandal of all.

The party began at SUNSET with a dinner. The RED DESERT was said to be rather SPARTAN according to LADY ALICE. Later the first dance was led by LORD DERBY and the BEAUTY OF BATH wearing a RUSSET dress and with her GINGER GOLD hair indeed looked beautiful. LORD LAMBOURNE of the GRENADIER guards looked a handsome figure dancing the SWEET TANGO. In a corner GRANNY SMITH and the
REV W WILKES were discussing the awful new music from America called JAZZ. As the evening progressed and the champagne flowed
Mr CHARLES ROSS, from WORCESTER, was seen on the terrace embracing Mr GEORGE CAVE’s young wife. A great argument ensued and shots were fired. One went through the RUBENS which was the mainstay of Mr LAXTONS FORTUNE. Mrs Cave, with a MAIDENS BLUSH, was dragged away and never seen again and her husband disappeared to HAWAII.

The quiz answers were:
1. Who shot an arrow at an apple on his sons head: William Tell
2. Which scientist had an apple fall on his head: Isaac Newton
3. Why would you not eat an apple if you were ill: Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away
4. What is an apple pie bed: A bed made the with a sheet folded back on itself so you can’t get into it
5. Which French region is famous for apple brandy: Calvados
6. Which apple is connected with a sea creature: Crab apple
7. Which apple is an orange: Cox’s Orange Pippin
8. When is an apple not an apple: When it’s a pineapple
9. Which apple rattles when it’s ripe and you shake it: Cox’s Orange Pippin
10.Who gave Snow White a poisoned apple: Her stepmother
11.Which city is called The Big Apple: New York
12 What does ‘apples and pears’ mean in cockney slang: The stairs

Well done to those who got the answers

The raffle prize of a family ticket to visit The New Forest Wildlife Centre, kindly donated by them, was won by Rita Judd

The longest apple peel was won by Thea with a length of 249cm. Well done, as the competition was hot. Samuel was 2nd with 238cm and Olly third with 235cm. Wow!

There were 194 pips in a jar and Sue Cooper made the nearest guess.


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