Photo competition Ashurst Fete 2016

The answers to photos were : 1.The stocks in Minstead outside the Trusty Servant. 2.Gates at St Mary’s Church Eling. 3.The pumping station at Testwood Lakes. 4. The ford in Paradise Lane [off Bourne/Rossiter’s Lane between Woodlands Road and Bartley]. 5. The spire of Christ Church Colbury. 6.The spire of All Saint’s Minstead. 7. The spire on Bartley Village hall [formerly church]. 8. Eling tide mill. 9.Oak tree on Beaulieu river near parish stone at Longwater Lawn. 10. Eling harbour. 11. Gate into Testwood Lakes wildlife centre. 12. The Portuguese fireplace near Holidays Hill inclosure. 13. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s grave in Minstead churchyard



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