Another Litter Pick Needed!

The Community Group committee did an extra litter pick on 13th of August as the village was looking unkempt again.We collected 20 bags of litter which isn’t bad after only  5 months since the spring clear-up. The bad areas were 25 metres either side of the Co-op,  including the far side of the Lyndhurst Road opposite, where  lots of Co-op branded wrappers were picked up.  Another was around the car park adjacent to the hospital where a number of still full beer glasses were found as well as lots of beer bottles, a gas cylinder and an empty large catering tub of cooking oil. As usual Knellers Lane was bad but this time instead of vodka bottles lots of mini gas cylinders. Laughing gas? Someone has a sense of humour. As always there were unusual items; a black bra, a piece of brake from a railway train and a wide ass saver. Thank you to Mandy Pickard of the NFDC who arranged for the equipment to be delivered and then for it and the rubbishto be picked up afterwards

Litter pickers early enthusiasm…



Do we really have to go out there on such a lovely day?

Oh well, lets get it over with then:


Some of the results:P1030194.JPG

One thought on “Another Litter Pick Needed!

  1. I rather wish I had been with you all. Shame that you had to do another litter pick but that seems to be the norm these days.
    Well done everybody. At least it wasn’t fly tipping which happened in Knellers Lane just before I left.
    My best wishes to you all.


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