Identity Theft……warning of a local scam

The following was received recently by the local Neighbourhood Watch group:

I am sending you this as you will know better than I the best way to pass this on to the local police so they can act on it. A few days ago I realised that I had been the victim of identity fraud as a result of receiving a pin number for a bank account that I did not apply for. My wife also received one too. I immediately told the bank and they put a block on the account. Clearly someone had also been intercepting my mail as previous correspondence from this bank (a welcome pack and a bank card) had not arrived. I also rang the police fraud number and they gave me a crime number. I have since spoken to my post lady who is new and she recalled a black Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Focus was parked outside our house on a couple of occasions recently. She subsequently reported this to her colleague who has seen a similar vehicle in Ashdene Road. He was able to get a partial registration which is WLT. He also noted that the driver is a black man. This ties in with my wife noticing a black man walking up our drive one morning before all this happened. At the time we thought he might have been a charity collector who didn’t ring the bell as we have a notice on our door saying we don’t deal with them.

 It now seems likely that the criminal is targeting this area, looking for people like me who have a mail box, rather than a letter box. Some of these boxes have wide slots and it is easy to put a hand in them and grab the post. He then opens bank accounts in the name of the householder and then waits outside the victims house until the post is delivered, and then goes down and grabs it. 

 Thanks in anticipation,  for your help.

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