What a load of rubbish!!

Saturday 19 March saw an army of volunteer litter pickers scour the village for unwanted items of litter.bagsoflitter2

In a big turn out this year’s haul was, sadly, possibly the biggest yet. Some 62 bin bags were filled with all the usual suspects; fast food containers, bottles, plastic bags, drinks cans, cigarette packets etc etc.

Highlights this year in the ‘unusual’ category were a traffic cone, a length of hose pipe, 50 or so copies of the New Forest Post, a stalitterposterck of credit/debit cards and a pornographic DVD!!

The streets and verges looked really good but, as ever, the litter is already being replaced by a fresh set of discarded items. Such a shame that people have a very casual attitude to how they get rid of things they don’t want in their cars, bags and pockets. The Ashurst & Colbury Community Group’s litter slogan has never been more appropriate……

A huge thank you to all who were involved!

2 thoughts on “What a load of rubbish!!

  1. Congratulations to all involved, it’s a great shame that the residents of Ashurst and Colbury need to give up their own time on a weekend to clear up the rubish that has been so inconsideratley left in the hedgerows and verges of the village!
    Once again a very large thank you for all those involved.

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