The Slow Road to Ashurst

David White (leader of the Cycle Ashurst group) has been co-ordinating a campaign to get the speed limit on Woodlands Road reduced from 40 mph to 30.
It’s an odd, anomalous road.  It’s residential on one side and forest on the other.  It’s a link between Ashurst, Netley Marsh and Bartley.  It’s a link between villages and forest.  It’s used by cyclists and riders.  There’s no pavement, but it is used extensively by walkers.  Aside from the ponies on the open forest stretch, traffic hazards include a couple of blind bends and a narrow cattle grid.  Reducing the speed limit would decrease the risk to road users whilst costing motorists very little time (it would take a whole 36 seconds extra to travel the 1.2 miles from Bartley Road to Lyndhurst Road at 30 mph instead of 40).

A petition has been presented to Hampshire County Council, to no avail.  The New Forest East MP has lobbied the Council, to no avail.  On 17 February 2016, it was time for a small demonstration of fellow feelingSpeedSignAll classes of non-motorised users were represented – the very tall people at the back were actually sitting on horses.
DepartingCyclistIn the right of the picture, the demonstrators mill about prior to departure.  In the left of the picture, you can see the view a speeding car gets of the pedestrians, horses and cyclists who have reached the bend on the Ashurst side of the cattle grid.

4 thoughts on “The Slow Road to Ashurst

    • Good to see walkers, young children, cyclists and horse riders thought a demonstration was so worth while – I also spoke to householders who live along Woodlands Road and who would love to have a reduced speed limit. And the sun shone on us – hopefully a good omen!
      Let’s hope for success – and congratulations to the organizer(s).

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  1. I would like to thank everyone for their time and advice for attending our meeting on the 17th. I hope you liked the location Woodlands Road / Fletchwood Lane. The Echo photographer certainly did. He was simply amazed at the number of supporters who turned up (fortunately just before the rain started). He said these type of events usually only attract half a dozen.
    I spent an hour with the Echo reporter and gave him all the key points and my own press release version. Lets hope the article strongly reflects our points.
    Well done Ashurst and Netley Marsh folk – what a great and supportive community we have!


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