Froggy went a-courting

The other morning the water in the pond in our garden seemed to be boiling! On close inspection it turned out that it was about a dozen frogs literally filling up the pond with frogspawn…..

It’s always one of the first signs for me that Winter is waning and Spring is on its way. And so I was pleased to see, later that day on a dog walk, that the same thing had been happening all over the local Forest area.

Unfortunately the frogs got their timing wrong over on the Ashurst Campsite. When they looked for a place to lay their frogspawn the back of the site was one large lake of flooding but after a couple of days of dry weather their output had been left high and dry!

spawnIt happens every year, of course, that most of the spawn don’t get to become frogs. Just as well that mother nature provides these little creatures with an ability to produce such a vast number of eggs!

It’s quite early for this activity to be witnessed this year. I wonder what other things people have spotted showing that the season is on the change?

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