Guerrilla Cycle Signs!

A while ago I posted about the plans for new cycle signage throughout the village. Not much seemed to be happening about putting them in place…until now. The eagle eyed among you will have noticed a few new signs appearing such as the ones below……

The slightly odd thing about them is they seem to appear overnight…and just one at a time….. I have no idea why this approach is being taken. This morning I went out with the dogs over the bridge and when I came back an hour later the one directing people to the station had been put in place. At the current rate of installation it will probably take until Christmas before they are all complete. But then again we all know how long the “powers that be” have taken over resurfacing the path to Lyndhurst so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised!! Keep your eyes peeled for more signs popping up…..

IMG_0348 IMG_0349

2 thoughts on “Guerrilla Cycle Signs!

  1. I’m interested to see the signs – thanks for ‘posting’, although I wonder – is the one indicating route to Lyndhurst on the right side of the A35? (I think there are some new ones in Foxhills too.)


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