Ashurst Village Walk – October 10, 2015, from Cadman’s Pool

The idea of the walk from Cadman’s Pool at this time of year was to look for deer at the start of the rut. Our tour took us down the hill to Dockens Water and up onto Ragged Boys Hill, the tree-lined ridge on the far side. Whilst very few trees were beginning to turn, the bracken had a very autumnal hue and the undergrowth sported a wide variety of fungi. A party of 19 intrepid deer stalkers followed Arthur’s route. An excellent walk – a shade under 5 miles, according to Ingrid’s walking app – with a variety of terrain and some excellent views (none of which included any deer whatsoever!)

Piglets turned-out for pannage

The walkers were joined by a party of youngsters, out in the forest for a spot of pannage.

Like a bridge over Dockens Water

The advanced party crosses Dockens Water.

New Forest pony galloping

Wild horses wouldn’t drag me on an Ashurst Village Walk!
(This mare had lost the rest of her string and was engaged in an energetic and vocal search.)

Ashurst Village walkers (away from Ashurst)

Three quarters of the way round, and down the hill back to Dockens Water.

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