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Please note that any adverts that appear are not approved by the ACCG. We urge care in using any links that they provide

Please note that due to the current pandemic our usual programme of events and activities are suspended.

Sadly there will be no Apple Day event in 2020 nor will we be able to hire out our apple presses this year.

Ashurst Walks and the Cycle Ashurst activities are also suspended.

The Ashurst and Colbury Community Group (ACCG) is a voluntary group whose aim is to support and promote the local community by running projects, sharing information, and holding events.

Ashurst & Colbury Parish Plan

Members follow the ACCG Constitution, which was drawn up following publication of the Ashurst and Colbury Parish Plan.
They hold regular meetings and discuss matters relating to the village of Ashurst and Colbury.

Ashurst Walks logo

Ongoing activities include arranging :-

For Ashurst walks see walks page

Cycle Ashurst – unfortunately circumstances mean that there is no formal activity at present. Visit page for links to area cycle tracks.

NEW Project to reduce waste and use of single-use plastic in Ashurst and encourage composting.

Members liaise with local Neighbourhood Watch representatives and encourage a good community spirit in the area.

2014 ACCG stall at the Fete
ACCG stall at the Fete

Some of the villagers who helped with the A&C Litter Pick 2017.P1030530

 If you would like to contact the group please complete the form below

3 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Hello,

    In light of recent developments linked to the Coronavirus, I was wondering if there is a way that I could help to support elderly or vulnerable members of the community. I would be very grateful if you are able to offer any guidance or point me in the right direction.




    • Hi Jemma
      I have passed on your message to those who are involved with the infirm and isolated: The Outreach Group, the Church, and Parish Council chair.
      They would get in touch with you direct.
      Thank you very much for your kind offer of help.
      Keep well!


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